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What would you like our RA Health Leaders to discuss next?

Our RA health leaders have shared tips, perspective, and support through our Conversation of the Week series (

What topics would you like them to discuss next?

  1. Heat Therapy with saunas and infrared lights

    1. Hi . That is an excellent topic to hear different experiences with. In the meantime I want to share with you this article from our patient leader Kat on her experience with an infrared sauna: Best, Richard ( Team)

    2. I absolutely love my sauna!

  2. I'm new here so don't know if this would be a repeat topic - how about eye issues. Eye inflammation is an ongoing challenge for me. Many providers don't understand the unique nature of Uveitis due to autoimmune arthritis. My optometrist doesn't understand my insistence on being seen by an ophthalmologist. "I can manage that for you.", you can't. I'm still fuming because he called Uveitis "low hanging fruit."

    1. Heh, after thirty years or so of RA I can tell you that some of the things I have heard full MD doctors say to me would make you turn white. People don’t understand chronic illness and that it’s a whole system illness! Eyes included. You are not alone. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

  3. When to give up on methotrexate snd switch to biologics? pros and cons?

    1. I am interested in pros/ cons methotrexate vs biological.I have so many immune diseases. But #1 on my list of concerns is I have dry macular degeneration which showed up close to the time when I was diagnosed with R/A..I remember my rheumatologist said if there was any changes, my Mac d diagnosis limits the types of medications I take. I’ve been onPlacquenil from the beginning. Also take Lyrica. My hands at present time are giving me fits. Can’t hold a pen too long or at all, Freezing cold hands almost all of the time.

    2. thank you for sharing. You may already be aware but our sister community for MacD may be of interest as well: I hope this helps! Warmly, - Reggie, team member

  4. The RA pain in so bad at times, I cannot take it anymore! Even though I have medication, use heat or cold paks and wraps! So at times. I feel like taking sleeping pills to put me out my misery! I do have a live in care taker so I’m in no danger but crying for hours almost every night is making me a tired and unhappy person! I thought a doctor could help but so far all I I have gotten is a bill! Can somebody help me to keep me alive? Thanks and bless you!❤️

    1. Hi I don't know if you saw 's response to your comment. But it's a great message and I second their thoughts as well. Living with RA can be so difficult and frankly unfair. Many of the community can attest to that. But please know that a high-quality life can happen with RA. It just takes time of trial and error to find the right treatment and finding support (in places like this community) when needed to keep taking things a day at a time. Thank you for sharing here with us. We are here for you and you aren't alone! Warmly, - Reggie, team member

    2. I am feeling the frustrations myself, it seems the only I can do is watch my dreams melt away like the snow. Even ALL the mess I take cannot make me feel good enough to accomplish anything. Not to mention the severe fatigue and brain fog.I was put on a new pill yesterday to help with severe depression. I guess, just keep on keeping on.

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