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Why Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Is Important

Why is RA awareness important to you? What should others know about rheumatoid arthritis? By participating in this forum, you will be entering to win a Target weighted blanket! Full giveaway details can be found here ( and you can read our Terms and Conditions here (

  1. I will try anything to get comfort...

    1. this may sound odd but once I realized I’d never really be completely comfy any longer , it did get easier to find ‘least uncomfortable’ less intimidating and easier to find.

    2. I felt that way, it was very depressing. I thought there was no hope. But I told my Rheumatologist and my lab tests were such, that we tried a new prescription, which is Xeljanz, and I feel normal now! I'm not saying it is the answer for everyone, but I am encouraging everyone to keep pushing to change meds until you feel better. I also found a great deal of improvement in swelling and stiffness when I cut out sugar, gluten and alcohol!

  2. RA awareness is important to me because it lets me know that I’m not alone in my challenges.

    1. absolutely! I know that for many, support from friends or even immediate family isn't a given when it comes to RA. My heart breaks for those who are in that situation. But you're absolutely right - at least with this community, nobody is ever alone. Thanks for being part of this community and helping to raise RA awareness. - Reggie ( Team Member)

    2. I feel the same way. Sometimes you just need to talk. I was diagnosed in my early 20's. I am now 71. It all started in my spine with degeneration. Now my whole body hurts constantly. People just don't understand the pain. Sometimes I feel they don't believe me

  3. RA awareness is important to help people understand that I am not antisocial but sometimes I just hurt to bad or I am just to tired to do anything.

    1. It's important for others to know that RA is different, & not just older people get it. I also have another autoimmune disease, I am always judged by what I'm not able to do for my Church, for my family, for my neighbors. The fact that I'm a phantom in a messy house, is often hard to swallow & still keep my self respect. I guess support & education are just as important to ME as to the community that doesn't have RA. Thank you all for what I've learned from you.❤️

      1. thank you for your reply, it's sad so many of us have the same story. I'd be lost without my cat. Sending you hope for a cure soon.

      2. I feel you. It’s all I can do to keep my job. And it really hurts for someone to be critical of my housekeeping or if I order food out 3 nights in a row. I’m doing all I can.

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