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Workout difficulties

I used to workout a lot before I was dx with RA. Since the time I was dx several years ago, I have gained 80lbs. RA hit me really hard and we have had a really hard time finding a drug to control it. A couple times over the last couple years I have had rare times where I felt good and have worked out, I would feel weird, Like there was a electrical current running trough my body, and I couldn't work out with any kind of intensity. When I would work out with my friends that knew e pre RA I would push myself harder then I would then I would if I was working out solo, and it would seem I would end up in a flare. Anyway, recently I was started on a new med and hope to lose some weight , I started some easy workouts and those electrical currents are back. To make it worse when I went to see my former trainer and to tell him I need to lose some weight and we were talking about workouts, he was telling me to hit it hard, and I said I don't know if I can ever hit it as hard as I did back before RA, and he rolled his eyes. I'm sure it sounded like a excuse, but I don't think he understands, I don't want excuses, I want to give it everything I have, but don't don't know how or what is happening to me. I have been to my pcp, but she wants to blame everything on RA, my rheumatologist has done some blood work as it pertains to RA.

  1. Thanks for sharing Broken 73. We are sorry to hear that you are having some workout difficulties. Sounds like you have a great attitude and really want to get back into working out.
    While of course taking it slow is the most beneficial, you know your body the best, so you do whatever you feel is best.
    I hope others may chime in here to offer you some support too. Please know uou are not alone in your RA so please feel free to reach out to us anytime .

    Come back and let us know how you are doing.
    Lauren ( team Member)

    1. Hi My GP told me to try working out and for balance. In a month I have had 4 flares that made me unable to do much of anything. Walking across the room was so hard. I like most of the balance one's and it has helped. One girl will understand and go slow. The other will have me do 30 on each one. I wish there was more understanding on RA. I am about to drop out as it sometimes is even hard to get there.

      1. I have dropped out as a nerve in my back flared up and was very painful for about 3 weeks. Dr. said it was from the P.T.

        1. I am sorry you had to drop out, sharoncookie57! But, if it's what is best for your pain, then I think you made the right decision. I am sorry some of the PT staff we not more educated on RA. Thank you for sharing and I hope your back starts feeling better very soon! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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