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Wow. Masks, what now?

The CDC guidance now states that fully vaccinated individuals can go without masks indoors and outdoors! There are some caveats related to the immunosuppressed, especially transplant recipients, but I have not seen any specific to RA or RA meds. What factors will weigh into your decision to wear or not wear a mask? Does this news make you feel more or less safe? How do science and your emotions interpret this news?

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    There's nothing to convince me that those who are supposed to know about public health, actually do. Frankly, they've flip flopped so many times it's laughable. And politicians really should keep their mouths shut about covid. I just use common sense.

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    2. - Exactly, common sense seems to be lacking these days. I am not a mask wearer, will wear it if a store / business or Doctor's office requires it but do not believe it's healthy for me to continually breathe in what I exhale. I shudder when I see people cough or sneeze into their mask - Eww. I tend to be a bit skeptical when mandates are so quickly enforced. I use common sense, always have & it has served me well.

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