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Wrist Weakness, how to help

Diagnosed in October 2017. My pain is mild to moderate now in comparison to severe last year due to lots of Prednisilone keeping me at bay for the moment. However, even days when I don't have pain in my wrists, I always suffer with weakness in my wrists and hands, they feel like they're about to snap. I start my degree this month and was wondering if there is anything in regard to activities or anything else that I can do to build up the strength in my wrists?

  1. I also have very weak wrists and lots of pain. I've actually had to have 2 surgeries on my right hand and wrist. I find that wrapping the wrists really help. There's a great product called Fabrifoam that is flexible and fits well. It supports but allows for movement.

    1. Thanks for sharing this tip, Piano14! It sounds like a nice product! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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