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In America Survey Results
RA is much more than just joint pain. We asked our community for their most surprising observations they discovered in our most recent In America survey results.

Breathing and Lung Issues with RA
A community member wonders if others in the RA community experience trouble breathing. Community members shared their perspectives with some surprising insights.

Stomach Pain
After starting methotrexate once a week for a month, a community member noticed pain in their stomach and throat. Members of our RA community share their own experiences - both good and bad - with managing stomach pain and RA.

A Short Vent About RA
A community member says, "I hate RA. One minute your be-bopping along and then you feel the pain๐Ÿ˜”.Then before you know it BAM! You're on some emotional roller-coaster ๐Ÿ˜ญthat can't be explained!" This thread contains frustrations experienced by others in the RA community. Need to just vent with others who get it? Do so here!

Frustrated with Ineffective RA Medications
Diagnosed with RA 18 months ago, one community member shares how all three medications they tried so far have not only been ineffective, but they created severe reactions. Help a fellow rheumy feel better by replying to their thread.

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