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Update on "Ongoing Saga, Hip Replacement"

Well, on September 3rd I had a call from Mount Sinai Toronto. I needed to be down there on Friday, September 10th, at 9 am for an assessment. So, I booked a hotel for the both of us for Thursday night and my sister drove me there. Of course, my hip decides to not be as bad (I believe weather-related) before going for this assessment.

My x-rays didn't reflect hip pain

I went through the assessment starting with checking in, went for an x-ray, then waiting for a therapist who went over everything including manipulating my leg, hip, knee, and toes.

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After she was finished, she went out to wait for the doctor. They had 5 rooms with therapists on the go. I was upset as she, the therapist, showed me and said my hip doesn't look that bad. But, I have a lot of pain.

After some time the doc came in with the therapist and the first thing he said was "your hip doesn't look that bad."

The therapist (I don't remember her name) jumped in and said, "but she does have issues with pain."

The doc said, "BUT, I have a plan. We are going to set up an MRI in a city closer to me and put her on the list for replacement."

More time in the hospital

Because of my health conditions and the meds I take he says I need to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days after surgery, so that is a year's wait. Better than 2 years.

We finally left Mt. Sinai at about 3:30 and headed on our way home.

Now I am waiting to hear from the hospital for my MRI.

This appointment at Mt. Sinai was faster than I expected but that was a good thing, as things are moving forward, albeit somewhat slowly, but I will manage through.



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