Sulfasalazine Side Effects

  • By mazz48

    What side effects have you experienced while on Sulfasalazine? I’ve been on 500mg 2x daily for nearly 4 weeks now(had to switch to delayed release tab- stomach side effects were awful) and also take Actemra self injection weekly with 20 mg Prednisone daily.

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  • By tckrd

    What type of side effects. I ask because I be been taking it for awhile but I be just started having serious nsuseaz problems. Not sure if its that or a combunation

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  • By Kelly Dabel Moderator

    Hi “tckrd” Thank you for commenting. First off, anytime you are having any new, changing or concerning symptoms, speak with your doctor right away. The article I linked above details the most common side effects for Sulfasalazine. They include: Headache, Diarrhea, Appetite loss, Stomach upset and pain and Vomiting. There is also an additional list in the article of side effect symptoms that would require immediate attention by your doctor. I’ll link the article again here for you: Hope that helps. Wishing you less nausea soon. Kelly, Team Member

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