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Asthma & infusions/other treatments

Question: I developed adult-onset asthma within the last year. My rheumatologist stopped all treatment except a low does of MTX and prednisone. Why? He told me that he has received approval for my next infusions. However, he won't give them to me until the asthma is under control. I've asked him several times and that is the only answer I've received .... he can't give me an infusion or injection until the asthma is under control. My last infusion was September 2014. By-the-way, allergy testing showed the asthma is not environmentally triggered.

  1. Hi Jan, I'm not sure about why. Perhaps he's worried about infections in the lungs. You're entitled to answers and if he won't give one, then you should seek a second opinion. Do you have a different doctor treating the asthma? Perhaps you could ask them.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Lumpe. I will ask my pulmonologist. I have an appointment coming up with him in a couple of weeks. This is one of those V-8 moments ... duh, should have that about that. For some reason, I have wondered if it may be related to the RA affecting my larynx and the swelling this causes in my throat. That is a strange area of treatment. My ENT takes care of the functional/structural part, my GI doctor takes care of the esophageal spasms, my rheumatologist addresses the joint issues, and my pulmonologist the wheezing/breathing. My neurologist also checked me out but there weren't any neurological issues.

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