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Are your symptoms results of chikungunya or dengue fever?

I believe my RA symptoms are long-term effects of either chikungunya or dengue fever. I wanted to know if anyone else has this too, and how they handle day to day.

  1. Hi ! Thanks for your question. I'm hopeful there are community members here that can provide their experiences in case they've experienced something similar. We appreciate your participation here! -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Hi JeshuP. You are not alone in wondering if there are specific causes or triggers for RA. At this time there is no know cause of RA, but there is considered to be a genetic risk factor, as well as potential triggers. While I can't speak to the specifics of your situation or the conditions that you suspect may have been triggers, I want to direct you to this article from our editorial team on potential causes and risk factors: It notes that infectious agents are considered potential risk factors, but without conclusive evidence. Hopefully others will chime in with their experiences. Best, Richard ( Team)

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