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Is it bad to compress swollen joints?

I have swollen lumps on the bottoms of my feet, where toes meet foot. It hurts to walk! But walking is important - moving is important... So my question is this - am I damaging anything by just gritting my teeth and walking anyway? Or should I try to stay off of my feet?

  1. Hi there . If I may ask, have you brought this foot pain up with your doctor? If not, we strongly encourage you to do so. Like with any symptom, it does have the chance of getting worse at a faster rate if not dealt with in some sense. Do you find that certain shoes help ease the pain a little bit? I thought that this article from our site would be helpful, also the comments below it: Best, Ashley ( Team Member)

    1. Yes, every doctor I have, several times. They see me limping. It's Covid-times so I've only been actually in a doctor's office once in the past 5 months, but before that it was getting worse. Rheum keeps saying he's going to refer me for imaging but I think the virus thing is distracting or something - or maybe the imaging ppl in the hospital are limiting non-emergency images and I just don't know about it, or who knows what.
      I can't wear shoes, I still remember the last day I wore normal shoes. I had to pull into a parking lot, walk into a random store, and buy a pair of house-slippers because it felt like I was walking on hot iron. I had to buy men's houseshoes because none of the women's would fit on my swollen feet. But it was much easier to walk in the soft houseshoes. I walk barefoot at home mostly, and keep to the carpet. I don't see any deformity at all, except for lumps on the bottoms of my feet. I'm reading the article - and hoping I don't ever have to have anything amputated!!! SCARY!!
      Thank you for your comment!

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