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do i have RA or not?

my test show this
Rheumatoid Factor 14 iu/ ml
Standard Range ;
( mine) 14 lu /ml
okay ; my family doctor retired last August. i had been with him 42 years. felt like i lost a member of my family when he retired.
he always said i had Ra
my new doctor ( he is young) says i don't have Ra
my test shows my range is the same as the Ra factor
do i have it or not? i have all the symptoms too

  1. Thank you for reaching out. So hard to lose your trusted doctor. There are many factors that go into diagnosing RA. It's much more than labs work. A thorough physical examination, review of your medical history, laboratory testing, and imaging (x-rays or MRIs). There are additional specialized tests that are used as well, such as joint aspiration, arthroscopy, and synovial fluid analysis. Have you considered a second opinion? This article explains more about how RA is diagnosed and may be helpful: Wishing you some answers and relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team Member

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