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Do my symptoms sound like RA?

So I'm trying to better understand if my symptoms are rooting from two herniated discs C5 to C7 and 4 Lumbar bulging discs or an Autoimmune disease.

I'm currently seeing a spine specialist whom tells me the symptoms could be stemming from my spine but we have no certain answer even after numerous MRI's.

The symptoms
My pain rotates within the hands,wrists, ankles, and feet; this can vary from actual joint or in random locations. The pain rotates very frequent, never one area hurts for a long period at a time before it changes.

Numbness in numerous fingers intermittently
Burning sensations right side of neck and hotspot burning in tricep occasionally.

The pain type can be an electric shooting pain, aching, or burning.
I've also noticed my fingers, toes, and ears will fluctuate in temperature, normally very cold.

I've also noticed the back of my legs have dull aching when I sit for long periods now.

Tests performed:
Neck and Full back MRI / Xrays - Herniated C5-6, 4 Lower bulging discs
All of the autoimmune tests which all returned normal, twice.
Next they'll be performing a Myelogram

Treatments so far: I've had a Epidural Steroid Injection into my cervical area.

In the past I've always had back pain, recently very abruptly my hands and feet began hurting all of the sudden at once.

One last note, I've spent most of my life in the gym training as a bodybuilder.

Any insight from people that were diagnosed with RA, do my symptoms sound as if I could have seronegative RA?

  1. KC119,

    Thank you for the comment. I think you are in the right track by consulting with a trained physician. It is impossible for any of us to suggest what the diagnosis might be. We each know our own diagnosis story and having heard a few of these stories, I can say no two are the same.

    I do advise that if your doctor suspects RA or another autoimmune disease you may ask them to suggest a trained Rheumatologist for evaluation.

    There is no definitive test for RA or AS making the decision to call symptoms RA or another Rheumatological issue difficult to say the least.

    I do hope you will keep us updated on your journey. Even if it turns out that is not RA. We are here to learn from each other.

    1. Thanks for the response, I wasn't really asking for a diagnosis suggestion but only an opinion if this sounds remotely similar to RA.

      To add to the description, I have no swelling whatsoever

      I will be seeing a neurologist and a rheumatologist soon and will let you know.

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