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Is there one doctor to threat multiple autoimmune diseases?

I feel like I am not being treated in an approach for all of me. I see quite a few different doctor. I just wish there would be one to coordinate. I don't know if there is someone that even does this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Love, elirose

  1. I use my rheumatologist to do this. However, even at that he does not oversee my diabetes. My PCP is the communication portal for all of my specialists. She is available for me to see in order to work out the seeming differing opinions. But that seldom happens as my 14 doctors tend to stay in their own lane. However when the dermatologist wanted to explore a different biologic he made the referral to the rheumatologist.

    rick - moderator

    1. Rick, I love that phrase about about how your "doctors tend to stay in their own lane." LOL. I have a hematologist who won't even glance out out of her lane. If the planning of things went correctly (rarely) I'd have the 2 thousand dollar special of bloodwork a week before I see her. But usually this happens the day I see her. So when she walks in the examining room, she asks how I've been, and what's been going on..and after listening to me for about 5 min, she abruptly interrupts me and says, (looking down at my CBC) well everything from my end looks ok except for the usual. So I asked her one time..what do you want me to tell you? Am I tired? Of course I'm tired lol. She just smiled. Next time I think I'll ask am I doing...on your end....oh and thanks for having the nurse call me last month to tell me my calcium was critically low. What was I suppose to do with that? Ohhh boy.. the stories we all could tell. Have a good day, and stay safe!

  2. Oh elirose, I hear your cry! And you are not alone in that challenge. But I think Rick is right, if you have a lot of Docs..if you can get it down to 2-3 who have a good picture of everything- well then thats pretty good. I was fortunate enough to have that situatation myself for about 10yrs. But my Rheumatologist retired, the second moved after 2 yrs, and # 3....well the verdict is still out. I think sometimes we have to learn how to communicate to our Docs exactly what we need from them...and then ask if that is something they can do or oversee. I everything works out for you. Stay safe!

    1. , I definitely hear your frustration. I also have multiple doctors who are responsible for bits of my overall well-being. Fortunately MOST of them share notes. My neurologist sends notes to my other doctors after each visit. Unfortunately, it's my rheumatologist who never shares information with any of my other specialists nor my PCP. As a result, it's my PCP who keeps tabs on the overall picture of my health.

      I find that it mostly falls on me to keep track of things that occur between visits - tests, major health developments, increased or decreased symptoms, etc. I create a cheatsheet of sorts that basically says "since the last time I saw you, this is what has happened." I will also bring copies of test results and other reports to each appointment.

      Some insurance companies will offer a service that a nurse coordinator can help to keep track of what's going on and even help to coordinate care between specialists. You might ask if this is something your insurance company offers.

      Best wishes, Lisa, RA Team Member

      1. Hi notdancing and Lisa,
        both replies are helpfull. One to keep records, thank you notdancing. the other to see is nurse coordinator. I believe that might be an available option. Thank you both. take care Love, elirose

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