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Sister needs help!

My sister has had RA since she was a teenager (in her 50s now). She was diagnosed with Still's Disease (kind of between RA and Lupus) about 20 years ago. She lives in Louisiana, I'm in PA.

Last week she fell in the shower because her knee gave out (I bought her a shower bench). Her dr gave her a steroid pack which made her feel great, of course. Now that she's finished it, she texted me today saying she couldn't make it to the bathroom even with her son's help. She's lying in bed, in pain, and can't walk. She's put a call in to her dr (who she has an appointment with TOMORROW).

She plans to get a knee replacement, but it's not even scheduled. What can she do to get long term help? I feel like she needs a social worker or someone to tell her how to set things up for herself.

Thank you for any thoughts.

  1. lpritchard,

    So sorry to hear about your sister and glad that you reached out to us. While the community may offer feedback, you may want to contct the Arthritis Foundation to find some local offices that may be able to help. I know others have found this to be helpful resource too.

    We do have many articles on managing pain that may be helpful in the interim-
    I hope these are helpful and please check back and let us know how she is doing.
    Best Wishes,
    Lauren ( Team)

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