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What are your symptoms?

hey everyone! I'm a 23 year old girl with RA since age 17. Symptoms have gotten way worse and I wanted to share all of mine to see if anyone had the same specific ones in common! Let me know! obviously we will have some in common, and I have severe RA now and started a new medication, cimzia. Hope it helps. My symptoms include (hope I can remember all I'll go from head to toe)
•migraines •dry eye/mouth (I have sjogrens) •severe eyelid swelling •shortness of breath •fast pulse •deformed fingers (twisted and swollen) •painful wrists •numbing/tingling *my swelling is major I have swollen knees that I can barely bend, elbows don't extend all the way, fibromyalgia, painful jaw, very stiff all the time, beyond fatigued, my feet are starting to turn outward now and becoming more deformed, cankles, I'm always really hot, blurred vision, trouble walking obviously..

What does everyone else expierence? Those are some things I deal with.

  1. Hi Allthatjaz24, Wow, you're experiencing lots of symptoms and many which are associated with RA. Just about every symptom you list may or may not be related to RA or secondary issues. Personally, I've had similar symptoms and many of the people in this online community have similar experiences. I hope that you are working with a good team of doctors on addressing these symptoms and that Cimzia works well for you.

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