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Is it safe to work with a group of people during the pandemic?

Just diagnosed 2 years ago. Is it safe to be around 30 guys at work even though we supposed to practicing all safety measures? I mean we all still pass each other through out the whole shift dozens of times. My wife has COPD and I have RA.

  1. That is a lot of guys and no one is perfect. You didn't mention your age, that is okay, but patients with RA may be at greater risk of more severe infections. That is because of the autoimmune disease itself plus the medications used to treat RA and the person's lifestyle.

    Droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze can fall on objects that another person may touch hours later and that person could touch his/her eyes, nose or mouth without thinking.

    Longer term RA patients may have lung and heart problems. People over 60 are also at more risk of infection. Feel free to call your Rheumy about this.

    Your wife with COPD is definitely a high risk patient for Covid-19 and not recommended to be near other people. My Sister has this disease. I do not mean to scare anyone but some people are carriers with mild or no symptoms. Many companies do deliver to homes, as you know.

    One of my Specialists called me from her home for my appointment, since she did not want any of her patients to possibly catch anything from other people at the hospital.

    Thank you for your question and please do take care.

    1. I heard on the news yesterday, of a man loudly proclaiming to his co-workers and supervisor, that it is unfair and unsafe that he and the others should be constructing buildings when there are not enough safety protections on their job. Meanwhile, 3 of his co-workers have caught the Covid-19 virus.

      The HR or Board of Labour should be notified. The U.S. government is giving money to people who are laid off, etc due to the Covid virus. It is not near the amount a construction worker would make though.
      It would be safer choice however.

      1. Hi Justaguy. Your concerns about working with multiple people and exposure to COVID-19 are understandable. Each individuals circumstances, from their condition, treatment, and overall health to the local conditions are unique. For this reason, it is great to check with your doctor on recommendations. I can tell you my wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), received a call from her rheumatologist who told her that he didn't want to see her (everything could be handled over phone/computer) and he sent her a letter for her employer saying she should telework. She wrote about precautions for COVID-19, including for work: I realize teleworking doesn't seem to be an option for you, but your doctor may be able to help with getting accommodations you need and verifying your condition. In addition, this article provides links to the most up to date information on dealing with COVID-19:

        In addition, you mentioned that your wife has COPD. I don't know if you are aware that we have a sister-site for that at Wishing both of you the best. Richard ( Team)

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