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    Lauren Tucker

    Share your thoughts and tell us how long did it take you to get an RA diagnosis?

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    To know that one would have to know when it began and since RA may have been preceded by some other autoimmune condition which then overlapped with something new that may have been RA, or not, I suspect this question can not be answered for many of us. I know I was initially diagnosed with PMR in 1999 and then palindromic rheumatism and then RA but it all overlaps and is best described, in my opinion, as autoimmune disease. Is X symptom caused by one or another or by several? Unknown and probably unknowable.

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    Lauren Tucker

    Thanks so much for sharing Sneed. We are glad to have you here and appreciate your feedback.
    Best, Lauren ( Team)

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    It took me about 4 months. Oddly at my PCP’s office my RF was low, SED rate high (66) and at the time I had slightly elevated uric acid. So even being a 28yr old female. My PCP diagnosed it as gout! My pain was/is excruciating. So after two ER visits, I finally got in touch with a rheumatologist. When they did blood work my RF was then “40”! Im still confused as how that number spiked.

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    Richard Faust

    Hi Sneed. You are absolutely correct that autoimmune conditions have an all too common tendency to occur together. In fact. this article from our editorial team looks at RA and comorbid conditions: Best, Richard ( Team)

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    My PCP just gave diagnosis. I go to Rhuemotologist in a week. I am sure there will be more test but all the information is overwhelming. Ready for some relief. Thanks

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      Lauren Tucker

      We are here for you to answer any questions. While we cannot provide medical or treatment advice via the internet (for your safety) We are always here to direct you and support you in anyway. Keep us posted!
      Best, Lauren ( Team)

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    My wrist was hurting off an on for a few months and I finally decided a doctor visit was in order. I went to my primary for a sore wrist, he gave me a brace and I wore it for 6 weeks, returned and I was referredd for carpel tunnel evaluation. I also did X-rays. At this point I just gave up and convinced myself it would eventually go away. 6 months later I returned because I could not hold a pan, start my car, open canned goods and more everyday things. It was at this point he ran some additional bloodwork tests and my RA Factor was 57. I was referred to a RA and saw him within 2 weeks. I was diagnosed in March of this year and unfortunately still am dealing with wrist pain. I am sure I have had RA for a few years because my hands and feet were always hurting and I was constantly taking alleve.

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    I started have wrist pain in July of this year and was finally diagnosed with RA on October 9th. My rheumatologist is trying to find the right “cocktail” to get the inflammation out and yup, I have to admit it, some days the pain just discourages me and I wonder if I will ever be able to use my hands again doing the things I love and being able to schedule any plans at all.

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    For your wrists, find a compounding pharmacy, mine is Prescription Alternatives. In Frisco 970-668-8482

    get your doctor to write script for (Diclofenac 10% Lipoderm), apply 4 times a day. I use it when things get really bad. wash dishes by hand in the hottest water you can stand. really do a good job. makes your hands and. wrists work.and fell better.
    do everything you can with your hands, work through the pain.
    be well in mind and body, never give up

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