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Riding E-Bike With RA

Hi All,
I have been recently diagnosed with RA. My doctor suggested doing some kinda exercise. I love cycling and had been an active cyclist. But my condition won't allow me to ride a conventional cycle now.

So I'm thinking about buying a new electric bike for exercising.
I already found some cool e-bike models from Amego EV:

However, I don't know much about e-bikes. Especially the technical stuff, like suspension, gear, engine, etc.

If anyone here with RA uses e-bike regularly, please share your experience and insights. Any advice pertaining to cycling with RA will be appreciated!

  1. Hi Donald,

    I am not an expert on electric bikes but I have ridden one before. It is easier on your knee joints since you're not putting in as much work as a normal bike but the issue with biking for me is the handles. I have a lot of pain in my elbows and wrists so whether e-bike or not, it's the uncomfortable position of holding onto the bike that is difficult for me. If you don't experience as much pain in your upper body then an e-bike might be super helpful for you. Let me know if you end up trying it!

    Franki ( Team)

    1. I've been looking ay eBikes too. Cycling was always my best and most effective exercise prior to RA onset. I had to sell my conventional bike because I was actually hurting myself after weeks of trying day after day to regain strength. But these eBikes are so very expensive. I too will follow this thread to see if anyone can give us some advice on the bikes and on the effectiveness of it. I really miss it!

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