How Does RA Affect Your Feet?

How Does RA Affect Your Feet?

As many of our community members know, rheumatoid arthritis affects everyone differently. Feet are one of the most common locations where RA causes pain. When RA affects the joints of the foot, it can make a range of common, everyday activities difficult or even impossible. We asked our community members how RA has affected their feet and the feedback was incredible! So many of our community members responded that we wanted to compile some of your feedback!

Change in feet appearance

Living with RA can lead to many changes to the feet, including swelling, inflammation, destruction, and deformities. Many of these issues can change the appearance of an individual’s feet, which can be distressing, embarrassing, and frustrating!
“My feet now have bone spurs.”
“I have bone erosion in my toes.”
“My toes have fused themselves in the first joints on my right foot and the bunion that I have doesn’t help so that toe eats into the other one. My feet embarrass me horribly.”
“Significant bone loss in my feet and my right big toe has been numb for so long now I don’t remember when it wasn’t.”
“I developed claw toe on my left foot and plantar fasciitis not long after…Since then the top of my left foot has curved some.”
“I have bone damage and my toes curling.”
Rheumatoid nodules and hammertoe have left me with only one choice of shoe style.”
“I have a rheumatoid nodule on my big toe and my toe joints are starting to deform. Sometimes, I have to use a power wheelchair.”

Change in size and shape

RA can lead to a need to change shoe size, fit, or brand. For some, these may be simple changes, but for others, an entire, frustrating overhaul of footwear is needed. Many of our community members shared with us the shoes and sizes that work best for their RA-affected feet.
“Sketchers are great for me, but I miss my pretty shoes!”
“I swell in my right foot due to RA. I ruin shoes very early in my right foot. If I could only buy a right shoe it would be great.”
“Inserts seem to work for me.”
“My feet are so swollen and inflamed that I am wearing a whole size and 1/2 larger.”
“Custom orthotics, orthopedic shoes and only New Balance sneakers work for me.”
“No cute shoes = no cute outfits.”
“New balance is what I wear have for the last 4 years, thankfully they make wide width for the swelling.”
“I remember the day I had to throw out all my cute heels. Such a sad day.”
“I wore a size 5 shoe until RA changed that. I now wear a size 6 1/2. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a comfortable shoe for my feet. I finally gave up and wear only sneakers.”
“Crocs are my best fit. After bone removal from all toes, and big toes broken then fused together, they help with balance.”
“I wear Birkenstock mules sometimes. They slip on and the foot bed is comfortable.”
“Pre RA, I was a shoe-aholic. One of the many things I miss but I think it’s on the top of my list. I used to wear cute heels all the time. Now it hurts looking at anything other than sneakers.”
“Shoe issues have been my primary concern lately and I don’t even know how many pairs I’ve ordered and returned.”
“Every shoe kills. But I keep searching.”

Everyday activities

In addition to the outpouring of comments on shoe changes, tips, and tricks, we also received a lot of feedback on how RA foot pain can affect daily living and mobility.
“I feel like I’m walking on stones all the time.”
“I cannot walk in bare feet.”
“I can walk about 20-40 feet on a good day until the pain just becomes unbearable. Then I am stuck in a wheelchair.”
“My feet hurt so bad I can’t walk without pain…no matter what shoes I’m wearing.”
“It’s a horrible thing. I lost all mobility in a year.”
“I feel like I am walking barefoot on sharp stones most of the time.”

We appreciate everyone’s feedback on how RA affects their feet and what, if anything, helps them find some relief. We hope you continue to share your journey with us! Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to share about your RA and foot frustrations!


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  • supdike
    2 months ago

    New balance shoes work well for me…the wide width helps a lot and I can easily get my inserts inside of them.

  • Monica Y. Sengupta moderator
    1 month ago

    Thanks for sharing, @supdike! I recently purchased a pair of NB shoes. They don’t fit the same as my other shoes (I can’t decide whether I like the feel or not) but I don’t get terrible foot aches at the end of the day.

    I’m curious to try other types from the brand. All the best, Monica

  • kkharrod
    5 months ago

    I agree: “No cute shoes=no cute outfits,” or at least limited wardrobe. Definitely no cute dresses for me. They just don’t work with Sketchers, as cute as Sketchers are. I did find two new shoes that help, but they are not business style!
    1) the new lady Crocs LiteRide. They are wide enough to allow for my thick, fuzzy sock and swelling, AND comfy enough to obsorb that “I feel like I’m walking on pebbles” feeling, are easy on the knees, and easy to slip on and off when I sit down. Crocs have more styles than the original Classic style now, and I finally found some that look a bit more feminine. I found them at Zappos online. They have free returns up to a year, if not worn, of course.
    2) Oofos sandals These are definitely pricy and probably not durable, but I live in Florida, so Sandler are sort of required and most are flat like walking barefoot. They are extremely cushioned, so much so that it took me a few minutes to be comfortable walking in them. I wouldn’t recommend them for anyone with balance or stability issues, but they are wonderful on a beach boardwalk. I hope this helps someone. I know most of us can’t really go all day shopping anymore.

  • kkharrod
    5 months ago

    PS- that is “sandals” not “Sandler”

  • mzfixitz
    5 months ago

    I’ve had RA since at least 2011, my feet and legs n hips really have been th biggest pain. Finding shoes in Quincy Il for feet that grow largely in a very short period of time. At one point I carried two pair in my car just in case. I’ve learned by these comments that so many people have it much worse than I do, no bone loss etc. I suffer n wana die in my flare ups but thankfully my dr put me on chemo called rituxan or rituxan Ab. Is helpin more than n e thing we have ever tried n I wana buy that cute pair of shoes so bad but am afraid it will end up being a jinx! Hahathank u everyone for sharing

  • mjsieprawski
    5 months ago

    I’ve worn New Balance for many years and they no longer make extra wide shoes for women. So I now order their men’s shoes because they have extra extra wide. Asics men’s also have extra extra wide as does Propet. I’ve never worn heels, but usually nice lower heels or flats. I just ordered a pair of shoes from Woman Within because I wanted a nicer pair of shoes. Ordered 10 1/2 extra wide and they feel fine.

  • Daihazy
    9 months ago

    I feel like I have been walking with marbles under my toes!!

  • allison
    9 months ago

    I’ve had two surgeries on my right foot in the last two years following decades of cortisone injections. I miss wearing cute shoes, even nice leather flats. I can’t even walk barefoot in the house. I need more cushion and have found that Hoka One One running shoes are the only shoes for me. Wearing athletic shoes gets really boring, but I’ve learned that excruciating foot pain is a much worse alternative. I was diagnosed with Juvenile onset RA nearly 47 years ago ( 3 years old) and thankful to be as active as I am. Never give up!

  • Ruthieq
    10 months ago

    On my right foot, my second toe has a bone spur growing towards the big toe. This makes it difficult to walk far in certain shoes because not only does it blister there, it aches after resting. My toe bases all hurt in certain shoes. I find Keen and NB shoes do best for me. I have short wide feet and need a wide toed shoe. Clark’s also work.

  • Daytona.RA.kitty
    10 months ago

    Let me start this off with “Ouch”!!! Yes, not a day goes by without some sort of ache or pain in my feet. I have neuropathy in a couple of toes on each foot, in which I feel burning, tingling pain and numbness. Feels like a hundred microscopic people shoving needles into the tips, or the underneath. Other times I have aches in the toe bones. I have a bunion on the right foot at the large toe, so I have to watch for where the strap goes when shopping for new shoes. I don’t do close-toed. For me it’s flip flops year round. Spenco has been the best fit, and most comfortable. I, too, miss my 6-inch stilettos from my younger years . RA bites!!!

  • PizzaDebb
    12 months ago

    My feet are a hot mess- pun intended- I’ve not had my feet even looked at, let alone diagnosed Can’t tell you why but goodness I have so many of these issues Didn’t know the name of them but I definitely will have to have my feet checked Thanks for the info and helping me.

  • LoriC
    1 year ago

    I have bone spurs on my left big toe but my primary said if I can forgo surgery, I should for as long as possible because when they start messing with your feet it’s very “iffy”. My plantar faciitis has gotten worse. The ankle on the right foot hurts if I move it a certain way and actually wakes me up in the middle of the night with throbbing pain. The bottom of my heel on the left foot hurts every time I put my weight on it. I found some slip on shoes at walmart with memory foam inside and they are about all I can wear. At least the come in different colors and designs. It scares me to think that some day I might not be able to walk at all

  • JoyceRobey
    1 year ago

    I was diagnosed with RA in 1997. Near 2000, my 3rd toe on my left foot decided it wanted to rest on top of the 4th toe. And it has been there since. It isn’t painful anymore, but some shoes do “disturb” it, and put pressure on it. I have been asked by many, “What happened to your toe?!” “Oh, just Rheumatoid Arthritis, that’s all.” And then the staring starts. My hands have been the worst. I used to work for the Postal Service, and kept flares in my hands. I had to retire because of it, then started on Humira in 2004, and haven’t had a flare in my hands since. And no side effects. This disease is a hard one to live with. I feel so bad for the ones whose life has really been altered by it.

  • Ruth Bailey
    1 year ago

    the Doctor told me I didn’t have RA in my feet I’m sorry but he is wrong so now I don’t mention it he is disgusted because I have switched too many times to get better results. I had a bad time Christmas & could not move the pain in the upper back was excruciating it as lasted up till now with my bed heated ,Tylenol 8 hour for Arthritis hot showers & prayers to the Lord for help, the Doctor don’t seem to know what to do,stetascope twice on my back once on my chest & see ya the nurse does more I think I’m getting more help from books & the internet I’m now having my doubts about this medication

  • deb856
    5 days ago

    I’m so sorry!! You should try a new dr because it sounds like hes not taking care of you!! I have RA and I’m pretty sure if you have it, then its all over your body so idk why he said you dont have it in your feet….especially since you were in so much pain! Hope you feel better!

  • cindyhall45
    9 months ago

    Yes Ruth, i believe JoyceRobey was saying a eheumatologist most likely would not have told you that and your medication regimen does not sound like that of a rhuematologist. Rheumatologist usually dont leave RA patients in pain. If you dont have RA you are logging in on a site dedicated to the help and support of those fighting a critical/painful, exhausting and life changing illness.

  • JoyceRobey
    1 year ago

    Hi Ruth. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all the pain. Do you see a Rheumatologist? I was sent to mine when I first started symptoms. He has been on top of it ever since 1997. You may want to look into that.

  • Ruth Bailey
    1 year ago

    the Doctor told me I didn’t have RA in my feet I’m sorry but he is wrong so now I don’t mention it he is disgusted because I have switched too many times to get better results. I had a bad time Christmas & could not move the pain in the upper back was excruciating it as lasted up till now with my bed heated ,Tylenol 8 hour for Arthritis hot showers & prayers to the Lord for help the Doctor don’t seem to know what to do,stethascope

  • LoriC
    1 year ago

    I can only wear flat shoe now, I found some that Walmart carries that have memory foam in them. They are the only ones I can wear now, if they stop carrying them I’m in a fix as Walmart is the only store in this small town and I can’t afford anything more expensive. I just gave my sis my boots because I can’t wear them either and I don’t even own a pair of dress shoes anymore. My big toe on the left foot has bone spurs but my Primary Doctor said to put off any surgery as long as I can because he says once they start cutting on the feet it can all be down hill. It only bothers me if I walk barefoot, doesn’t bother me at all when I wear the shoes with the memory foam. The bottom of my left heal hurts every time I get up to walk and the left ankle has something wrong, if I step wrong or turn it slightly the wrong way, I get shooting pains throw the ankle bone. I see my rheumatoid doctor every six months, he says my numbers are good, but I would love to lose the pain in my feet.

  • mcadwell
    1 year ago

    I don’t knoe how it happened but I’ve lost one shoe size (9.5 down to 8.5 US) but, due to swelling, my feet are wider and my arch taller, than they used to be.

    Standing on tippy-toe kills my toes and the balls of my feet!

    I can no longer go barefoot so have several types of slippers – summer weight through bitter cold winter weight. Skechers ultra-light, non-tying sneakers are my go to for shoes.

    I’ve felt like I’ve walked on rocks since I was a teenager. I used to call them “rock sores” because it feels exactly like walking on a beach that is full of sharp rocks.

  • mxvkan
    1 year ago

    I have had three foot surgeries; spontaneous fractures. Major re-do on one foot; have literal table & 8 screws into each bone- plus took my bone marrow & added to glue like substance to rebuild. Last foot surg I waited a full year until doctor admitted it was not going to heal! Creaky having broken bones & feeling them move! My toes did “IRISH JIG” so they were injected with Botox many times. Doctor would throw away unused vials- I wish he could have used it on my facial wrinkles!
    My feet are a mess! I wear Merrill shoes. Best so far to me!

  • Ketki Gupte moderator
    1 year ago

    mxvkan, thank you for sharing the impact RA has had on your feet. You went through so much! But we’re glad you found the shoes that work for you and keep your feet comfortable and as pain-free as possible. If you needed more ideas for shoes, here are some more suggestions from the community members, when we asked them about the shoes that work for them: Take care! Warmly, -Ketki ( team member)

  • MermaidD
    1 year ago

    My left ankle has been swollen for over eight years. I’ve not worn shoes in almost ten. I have peripheral neurapathy in my feet so they “buzz” 24/7. I basically have no feeling in my feet (except for pain). Two metatarsals on my right foot have collapsed, so I am walking on those bones (“Toekini” gel pads help with this). After I tripped over my cane several years ago, I have not walked normally since. Compensating for the hip has made my feet & consequently my balance worse. PT helped for awhile, but I need to return to it even if I have to pay for it myself. My podiatrist retired a few years ago and have not been able to find one since.

  • Richard Faust moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi MermaidD. Glad to see you mention the idea of going back to PT. It can make a difference for figuring out where you are at physically or just to get a refresher. One of our contributors, who has also had RA for quite a while, recently write this article on returning to PT:

    Also, good luck finding a new podiatrist. One of our contributors wrote this article on finding excellent doctors: Best, Richard ( Team)

  • Nanna.maz2
    1 year ago

    My feet have always been my main issue I remember aged 9 /10 getting new school shoes fitted and the next day being unable to fit my feet in without grimacing, we didn’t know RA then, grin n bear it. Now aged 50+ really struggle have had shoes made from me as only option is fit flops, they used to last 6 months ish, now tends to be less than 3 months of support but for those 3 months I can walk with stick for a while, before using my mobility scooter. Hands painful but there are gadgets or others to assist if/ when asked, but somehow feet are fundamental to my wellbeing. This last 2 year s have been the worse, still try to exercise, but shorter no jumps, swimming good but can’t walk afterwards. I do have scooter shoes- the fab ones i coukdnt throw/give away no walking but big smile! Am starting 4th biologic, abatacept so have hope for a better time round the corner, Good luck all, x

  • Monica Y. Sengupta moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Nanna.maz2! I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with RA symptoms for so long and that finding shoes is difficult. I can definitely relate since all my favorite shoes don’t work with my condition anymore either!

    I was just reading this article where community members shared the shoes that worked best for them: There are actually quite a few types I didn’t even think to try and they peaked my interest. Maybe this article might helpful to you too?

    Good luck with Orencia! I take it monthly as well and I’m very happy on it.

    All the best! ~Monica ( Moderator/Contributor)

  • gsehealth
    1 year ago

    Thanks for starting such forums for us. I am here for my mom. My mom feet and fingers are badly affected by RA. Her feet is not normal now..

  • Monica Y. Sengupta moderator
    1 year ago

    Welcome gsehealth! I hope you find some articles of interest here. You can use the search feature in the dark blue panel to look up anything specific and if you have any specific questions you can ask them by going to “Q&A” right below that bar.

    All the best you and your mother!
    ~Monica ( Moderator/Contributor)

  • gsehealth
    1 year ago

    Thanks Monica

  • catmomma
    1 year ago

    I was so glad to read that others have this same issue. I have talked to my dr about my feet and at first he said I just had a bunion. After I kept complaining with my feet he finally x rayed them and told me that I have numerous bone spurs all across my feet and that what he thought was a bunion is actually where the bones have fused together because the arthritis is so bad in them. He now tells me that I need surgery on my left foot but that I should wait until the surgery has been perfected. I spend a lot of money on shoes now trying to find ones that I can wear for more than just a few minutes.

  • Sarah
    1 year ago

    I don’t do barefoot on hard floors, and not always on carpet. (Even my super cushy, soft carpet with the thickest pad available.) But I hate wearing shoes, always have, even before RA and lupus. At home, I wear the cushiest slippers I possibly can and flip-flops in the shower. I sometimes feel ridiculous wearing flip-flops in my own shower, but without them, it’s too painful.

  • Monica Y. Sengupta moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Sarah!

    I’m so sorry you feel this kind of pain but I am glad you have some options in reliving it. I didn’t think to wear flip flops in the shower but I want to try it. I didn’t know how else to relieve my foot pain other than just sitting in a waterproof chair. Thank you! May I ask, is there a specific type of flip flop that works best for you?

    Thank you and all the best! ~Monica ( Moderator/Contributor)

  • redthread
    1 year ago

    I’m 55, I had surgery on my right foot a year ago because of “tailor’s bunions”. Doctor found erosion to the bones in my toes so he didn’t think he could move the bones back where they belonged because he doubted they would heal.Had to shave the bone. Left foot is even worse, had planned to do one surgery right after the other but work got in the way. If i had it to do over again, I would prioritize my feet first and do the second foot right away. Feet weren’t always my worst pain, hands and wrists always first, so was surprised by this development. My feet are ugly now,can’t wear sandals, bought expensive shoes at Brown’s and was grateful for them. I have to dress up for work, so shoes are a challenge. Why do shoes that are comfy and good for your feet have to be so expensive? Barking dogs is a great site for reviews on women’s arthritis friendly shoes. I know things could be worse, so I shouldn’t complain, but you asked for my opinion. 😉 Plus they hurt all the time.

  • kristin
    1 year ago

    Sketchers so far have been my go to shoe when need to be on feet all day. I prefer the slip on ones because my feet tend to swell a lot and slip ons won’t make me clostrophobic in my feet! If I don’t wear shoes… Oh the pain! Makes my whole leg hurt so bad! Mostly my feet, ankles, and knees. But then my muscles and all just ache something terrible! I used to live in flip flops before my R A. Cane out of remission again. Bye bye flip flops! You will be missed! Guess that’s why I prefer the slip in sketchers. Just wish I could find a cozy pair of comfortable slippers! Every pair hurt my feet too. I really miss them. I have to wear tennis shoes with my p.j.s

  • GrammieSue
    1 year ago

    I have suddenly noticed toes on my right foot turning inward like claws. After teaching one day after a week’s vacation, my entite body felt like a truck hit it. My feet felt like I’d walked on stones. Because I recently did a week on prednisone 2-3 weeks ago, I figured I was extremely “over rested” from Christmas break. Well, I gave in and took a prednisone tab yesterday aft., and sure enough! Pain free. I am wondering how RA flare ups can happen so quicky and so severely?

  • redthread
    1 year ago

    Grammie Sue, I agree! I actually took a week and a half off at Christmas (unheard of) and rested, made it through a week of 17 degree weather with no problems, and BAM, terrible flare this past week, haven’t had one in more than 9 months before that. Go figure.

  • suann
    1 year ago

    My feet are crippled, I have not wore shoes for 8 yrs..I wear sliders most the ttime with an occasional snow boot . a size bigger….i found if u put hand warmers in your boots to keep feet warm is a plus..I wrap my feet in ace band-aids for doesnt help my ankle pain…

  • GingerS
    1 year ago

    Wow, where to begin? At age 12 I had hammertoes, aching of both feet. An abnormal deformity of my right great toe and extra large feet. The orthopedic surgeon told my mother. I had a form of rheumatoid arthritis in my feet. Other than special shoes, which is very hard on a preteen to wear. That was the only corrective measure that was taken.
    Fast forward to 60 years old. My feet are swelling painful. I feel like I’m walking on rocks. They now have become numb over 75% in each foot. Which throws my balance totally off. My high arches have now fallen. And I have planters faciitis.
    Sooo visit to a foot specialist for shoes. Fyi I ended up wearing men’s shoes because of the room in the toes and of course length. I did change my diet to low carbs, little or no sugar. Which helped with the planters faciitis. Also have ideopathic neuropathy of both feet. The onset was at 60 years old. Which all of you would know is due to RD. 🙂 Good luck to all.

  • christijo99
    1 year ago

    As I read this very article, I am sitting in my podiatrists office waiting to get my feet injected. I have all the same complaint’s you all do with the pain, feels like rocks rubbing together, cannot walk far, swelling, redness, cannot wear ANY shoe…… etc I finally found a doctor that has helped me walk again. If it were not for the injections and my doctor knowing WHERE to inject, I would not be able to walk. I, too, have a bunion, and neuropathy that is making things worse for my RA. I use shoe inserts and am very lucky I am a nurse! I have never worn heels! Try to find a podiatrist you can trust and Godspeed to you all!

  • karenkaye
    1 year ago

    I like New Balance and I also
    Love SAS slip ons in blue, brown, & black.
    My orthotics fit great. I have a high arch and it still fits on the top of my high foot.
    I have neuropathies and claw toes I didn’t have before….I’m told they could have developed due to high arches.
    Good luck to us all…

  • ql6rsp
    1 year ago

    Due to the fact that I had a Rheumatologist who did not see the need to put me on a biologic early, I had to have all of the metatarsal bones in both feet removed. Basically, I wear Birkenstock sandals (Arizona). I have about 10 pairs in various colours. Wear with socks in the winter. I have a large stash of CUTE/FUN socks. Fortunately I live in West Texas so we don’t have lots of very cold weather. Still, I get funny comments about wearing sandals in the winter. Oh well! We do what we have to do. Comfort first!!!

  • Linda Lewis
    1 year ago

    My feet are 2 sizes larger than they used to be, I cannot walk barefoot, I have some bone spurs and there are days when it feels like my arches are broken. When my foot doesn’t flex when I walk and I hate that I can no longer find attractive shoes that feel good for more than 5 minutes of wear. Sketchers so far work well but I want to wear boots again and attractive real shoes made of leather not fabric!

  • Elizabeth Riggs
    1 year ago

    I certainly understand the feet problems! My husband once taught ballroom dancing and to waltz with him was one of my delights. But – of course – no longer. My feet are too painful, and I could never find dancing shoes that would fit all my lumps and bumps.
    And this is just my feet. I’ll leave the rest of my body parts to other posts. Just drat! I HATE Rheumatoid Disease to pieces!

  • Bonapartess
    1 year ago

    I wear Doctor Comfort. They aren’t cheap, but they are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever found. I haven’t been diagnosed yet, but have had increasing foot pain in the last several years that affect my inclination to engage in activity that requires much walking. The hardest foot pain to deal with is nighttime though. When I go to bed and am flat, the middle top of my foot aches incessantly.

  • JJ
    1 year ago

    After 35 years of having rheumatoid arthritis I am very familiar with foot involvement. In fact the pain I first experienced was in both of my feet and ankles. My left foot and ankle were fused ( two separate surgeries 20 years ago ) & And my right foot now needs a subtalar arthrodesis as a tendon has fully ruptured But I continue to walk every day and exercise.Just because you are told you must have surgery does not mean there’s nothing you can do. I continue to exercise and strengthen the muscles around the damaged joints. It is always up to you!

  • Deedl
    1 year ago

    I’ve developed hammer toes and have bilateral Charcot joint from the RA that has changed the shape of my feet. The most comfortable shoe I have found is a brand called Alegria.They come in some funky patterns, have a wide toe box, and inserts can be removed and replaced w orthotics.

  • Penelope
    1 year ago

    I used to ballroom dance and I have some beautiful, expensive shoes left from those days. I don’t dance much anymore; lots of reasons; but I’d still like to wear the shoes but can’t. They hurt now. I have a pair of Clarks that I wore for years and still sometimes try to wear but now the rubbing on my ankle bone and instep; these are a half boot; is too painful. Almost anything I wear now hurts, if not right away, after a few hours. Only my flip flops at home and my sketchers are comfortable for any length of time now.

  • Frazzled
    1 year ago

    I have always had issues with finding the right shoes. Since my symptoms began, I have had an even more difficult time finding shoes that don’t end up hurting my feet. I can walk barefoot mostly without issue. Often at work, I will take off my dress shoes and just walk around with my socks on. My favorite day is Friday, when I can dress down, but by then my feet hurt so much that wearing sneakers doesn’t matter much.

  • Monica Y. Sengupta moderator
    1 year ago

    Hey Frazzled,

    I hear you! I never thought about shoes except in terms of how pretty or cute they were and how to wear them…Now, and I agree with you, it’s extremely difficult to find a pair that doesn’t exacerbate my own symptoms.

    I am glad you can take off your shoes at work sometimes! I, thankfully, work where I can wear sneakers any day but even the wrong pair can cause pain.

    I was reading this article, that I shared with another member, where other community members shared their favorite shoes: Maybe there are some suggestions that peak your interest?

    All the best, and good luck! ~Monica ( Moderator/Contributor)

  • Connie Rifenburg
    1 year ago

    I haven’t heard the particular thing I’m dealing with now and several times in the past. I have a nodule on the TOP of my foot that swells to the size of a large grape. Hard to the touch and usually hot and red when it’s in full blown flare. It is so painful that I can’t put weight on that foot even though it’s on the top of my foot because the weight applied as I step presses up from my soles (I guess) and the bending of my foot to walk creates such pain that I gasp with each step.

    I haven’t found anything in particular that trigger this lump to become larger. I had a podiatrist look at it and he said it was a calcium growth on the bone that becomes inflamed with my RA. This is my right foot. My left foot has a very small lump in the same place but doesn’t seem to flare like the right one. His only suggestion was to contact an orthopedic doctor to have it opened up and the bone shaved down.

    My toes have begun to deform in the past 2 yrs as well and one or two have become numb especially if it’s cold. I can only wear Birkenstock sandals. Any enclosed shoe presses on that lump painfully, even tennis shoes because it’s located right where you tie your shoe or use Velcro to close it.

    I don’t know of anything to stop the deforming of my toes as each joint becomes enlarged and bent. I see it happening quite fast (I think) in the past years.

    Socks are my friends when it’s cold, Birki’s when it hot. I have to be satisfied with that solution right now I guess.

  • Nibs
    1 year ago

    I was diagnosed 12 months ago. My aching feet were the first symptom. I wear the brands Frankie 4 and Airflex (Australia) to work ( they are heeled, look amazing, and are comfortable) and Birkenstocks for casual wear and in the house.

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