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1 Answer Submitted By JoanneandDevin - February 7, 2018

Anyone on Orencia? I have had my second infusion and go back for the third in a week. Just wondering if anyone has had these issues come up? Same night of first… READ MORE

6 Answers Submitted By Kateshandshurt - January 22, 2018

I often wake up with my hands tingling and numb.. and then spend alot of the next day with odd feeling hands.. is this something others deal with? Any suggestions to reduce… READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By Anniest - January 22, 2018

I have an egg-sized lump on left side of my neck which appears to have a strong pulse which I presume comes from my carotid artery. Does anyone have a lump like… READ MORE

4 Answers Submitted By patcryan - January 22, 2018

Read an article in AARP magazine about inflammation and RA. It says “A family of proteins found in wheat has been linked to an increase in inflammation and may worsen the symptoms… READ MORE

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