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3 Answers Submitted By Prettywoman513 - September 18, 2017

I was diagnosed with severe Seropositive RA. The past 2 weeks I have had multiple flare ups. Symptoms are numb hands they feel as though they are on fire. It has moved… READ MORE

7 Answers Submitted By JoyThomas - September 18, 2017

I feel like a lost cause. My RA doctor put me on hydroxychloroquin. It made me itch so bad that I actually had scabs from scratching. So I had to DC it…. READ MORE

3 Answers Submitted By RAwithHope - September 7, 2017

I’m sero-positive diagnosed Jan this year. On 15mg Methotrexate subculture weekly. Worked well until pharmacy filled Rx with drug from different company. Flare in hands and knees, lower back and neck. My… READ MORE

3 Answers Submitted By viperkl115 - September 5, 2017

Hello all! I have not yet been diagnosed with RA. However, I have not felt great for about 2 years. The fatigue and lack of energy are the worst. I do have… READ MORE

5 Answers Submitted By karmacola - August 31, 2017

Waiting on referral to Rheumatologist….anxious and scared…. what if it is RA? My PCP did a lot of blood work at the beginning of this month as I had been feeling bad… READ MORE

3 Answers Submitted By Bobcat2008 - August 31, 2017

My husband is 39 and was diagnosed with RA about 5 months ago. He was told that he should start methotrexate immediately and get a shot once a week. We decided to… READ MORE

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