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1 Answer Submitted By sharoncookie57 - November 13, 2017

Why don’t you call this RD instead of RA? That is what it is!

1 Answer Submitted By dawnvg - November 6, 2017

I am having serious problems with forgetfulness. I’ve done some research and most of the articles say it has to do with pain. Well, thankfully I really don’t have chronic pain–yet. I… READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By FridaFrida - November 6, 2017

I’m speaking about the top vertebrates in the back of my neck. Dr. says RA doesn’t affect spine but mine feels swollen. It’s warm to touch and I can’t rotate my neck… READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By kingkatekong - October 23, 2017

When I get pummeled with bouts of unrelenting fatigue, it manifests mainly in my eyes–they are super heavy, glossed over and burn (and headache too.) I know that eyes can be affected… READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By kingkatekong - October 23, 2017

New to this unfortunate disease, I’m still desperately trying to find ANYTHING to make me feel better. Medications are working on pain and inflammation quite well, but I’ve just been derailed AGAIN… READ MORE

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